Medical Pain Control

About three yearsago I was diagnosed with a heart related problem. The doctors tested, poked and prodded and put me on tread mills, all kinds of diagnostic tools and came to the conclusion that I was going to require open chest cardio arterial bypass surgery (X3). My response being that if this was going to give me better operation of my body, let's do it!

I was given great details of what was going to be done to my body. Basically they were going to split my chest, prop it open while they went is and did a replumbing job around my heart. The description was rather graphic and it occurred to me that there just might be the possibility for having pain associated with the upcoming procedure and me, not being one to really enjoy pain decided to take action so as to not need to experience that particular feeling.

This time, deciding that this would be a fairly major procedure, I chose to take myself into a rather deep awareness of my body and proceeded to describe what was about to be experienced by my body and that it was to in no way resist what was going on during the procedure. I stayed in that state for some time making sure that my body was ready and understanding what we were about to experience. I then brought myself back to the current reality/awareness. I repeated this procedure three or four days prior to the event and as I was being prepared for the operation.

Upon coming to in the recovery room there was some discomfort from all of the tubes and wires they had inside and connected to me, and there was no pain. I had just come out of surgery and assumed that there were still some residual pain drugs in my system.

Day two; The nurse was telling me I need to take my pain meds, I told her I did not have any pain. She had a hard time understanding that. “You just came out of major surgery that is painful and you need meds to block the pain”. I told her that I had used a hypnotic induction on myself and did not have to experience pain; this was still hard for her to comprehend.

Day 3 I got moved from ICU to regular ward for a couple of days. I still had some drain tubes in my chest. Before they were removed a cute little nurse told me that I would need a lot of pain meds because the tube removal was very painful. She had never experienced it, just watched it.

The morning the doctor came in to remove the tubes I had already done another induction, you know, cheap insurance. I was wide awake and present with him and it is a very strange sensation as he pulled the drain tubes out of my chest. I could feel them twisting around as they were exiting. This is a strange new experience and yet there was no pain involved, even when he stitched each of the three drain incisions.

I told my surgeon on the third or fourth day, during one of my walks around the floor, about not having any pain due to my inductions and he thought that was great that it was working for me, yet he stated that if he approached most of his clients with this method of pain control they would think him crazy and not be his client..

The reason that this works so well is that by getting the body relaxed and ready for the potential trauma producing procedure, that then the medical people do not have to work against a tense, tight body that is attempting to stay in its normal alignment / comfort zone. By being relaxed and willing to flow with what is occurring there is very limited, if any residual trauma that sets up painful reactions. Any of you out there can do this just as well as me with a little training.


The above experience has proven that self hypnosis is extremely beneficial. This is an excellent tool that any of you can use to help with your personal growth and development. Any of you can learn how to do this process. Removing old unhelpful habits and building new productive habits. The range is limited only by your imagination. My experience shows me that the farther I grow the more uses I find for this tool. As a clinical therapist using talk therapy, it could take long periods of time to achieve significant results, yet with Hypnosis that time frame can usually be significantly reduced.

What would you like to adjust, change, enhance, remember, or not have to experience pain around? Hypnosis works!

You too can experience the same kind of a result; pain is optional, not required. If you are not comfortable doing this self hypnosis at first, you may want to get my MP3 “Induction and Exit”. With this you can record your own instructions for the procedure that you are about to experience and put them between the Induction into the Hypnotic state and Exit from this state. Then load it into your MP3 player or burn a CD, your choice. Do not listen to this MP3/CD while driving or working.

The above mentioned programs are part of the package YouCanLearnSelfHypnosis.Com this is where you will find this package. Go there and check it out. See how well it fits for you!

* Keith Hall,, Mar 2008, Mar 2010 *

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