Dental Pain Control

A few years ago I had the misfortune to have a crown break off of one of my teeth. My regular dentist felt that I should go to an oral surgeon to get the base removed, since it was broken at gum level.

When I looked at the upcoming procedure, I could see someone going into my mouth and forcefully removing one of my teeth. That is a somewhat stressful/traumatic event to contemplate. There is the definite potential of having pain associated with that procedure, if not at the time (while under anesthesia) of the procedure, then after the Novocain wears off.

In a situation like this you have a choice, either you go for the pain and drugs, or choose pain as an option that is not required. The pain was optional and my choice was not to have to experience any pain. You also can make that choice by choosing to do an induction for preparation for the event.

You start with some deep breathing to relax your body and get centered, then proceeded to take yourself into a medium depth of body awareness and then proceeded to tell the body, in particular my jaw/gum what was kind of event was coming soon. Describe this procedure graphically and tell the body that when the time was appropriate that the jaw would release the tooth stub, there would be no pain then or later.

Sit in that state reviewing what is upcoming and how we were going to deal with the situation. Then bring yourself back into this awareness/consciousness. This is done the day before the procedure.

The morning of the procedure, I went over it while in the shower, just to make sure I had not missed anything. You can do this anywhere, not required to be in the shower. I got to the surgeons office and he shot me up with Novocain, then put me in the 360 degree X-ray machine (really takes interesting pictures), then we waited he said for the Novocain to take effect.

When he felt that the Novocain was working well he sat me in the chair and the tooth was removed with no resistance. He put the gauze in my mouth to plug the hole in my gum/jaw and immediately wanted to give me pain drugs. I respectfully declined and after much insisting by him I let him write me a script for these drugs that he was sure I would need because there was going to be pain when the Novocain wore off. I left his office, the Novocain wore off and there was never any pain of any kind.

Pain is optional in a procedure like this. Consider Hypnosis the next time you get to see the oral surgeon.


The above experience has proven that self hypnosis is extremely beneficial. This is an excellent tool that any of you can use to help with your personal growth and development. Any of you can learn how to do this process. Removing old unhelpful habits and building new productive habits. The range is limited only by your imagination. My experience shows me that the farther I grow the more uses I find for this tool. As a clinical therapist using talk therapy, it could take long periods of time to achieve significant results, yet with Hypnosis that time frame can usually be significantly reduced.

What would you like to adjust, change, enhance, remember, or not have to experience pain around? Hypnosis works!

You too can experience the same kind of a result; pain is optional, not required. If you are not comfortable doing this self hypnosis at first, you may want to get my MP3 “Induction and Exit”. With this you can record your own instructions for the procedure that you are about to experience and put them between the Induction into the Hypnotic state and Exit from this state. Then load it into your MP3 player or burn a CD, your choice. Do not listen to this MP3/CD while driving or working. This is part of the Self Hypnosis Package found at YouCanLearnSelfHypnosis.Com where the offer is residing. Go there and check it out.

* Keith Hall,, Mar 2008, Mar 2010*

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